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The Accuracy Prophecy Journal – (Day 1 Snippet)


My Prophecy Accuracy Journal – (Day 1 Snippet)

The purpose of this prophetic growth journal snippet is to help you build your confidence in prophesying, write your prophetic impression(s)(PI), and document their accuracy. This journal will assist you in breaking out of fear, pull you out of seclusion, aid you to walk humbly in your divine assignment, and guide you in moving forward to your next level in the prophetic or seer ministry.  A (PI) can be a dream, prophetic word, impression, thought, feeling, knowing in your spirit, or a vision.

I suggest you first document your (PI) and watch to see if it comes to pass on a regular basis.  Secondarily, tell others you trust who are mature and spiritually minded about your (PI) and ask them to be a witness for you.  Thirdly, I highly recommend you share your (PI) with your pastor/pastoral staff/leaders. 

Watch God, others, and your leaders confirm and publicly validate your prophetic ministry in your church or denomination thereby boosting your desire to step out in greater measure. 

Note 1: The 1st witness can be you or someone else.  However, the more others you trust are evaluating the accuracy of your prophetic ministry the better.

Note 2:  This journal can be used on the computer as a fillable document and is also downloadable.


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