Prophetic Advisement Sessions

What is a Prophetic Advisement Session?

Prophetic Advisement Sessions are a 30-90 minute paid “Laser Focused” Advisement Sessions.  Laser means getting to the source or root quickly. “Laser coaching is defined as a specialized coaching technique and approach that promotes quick alignment, a rapid sense of relief, and a way of quickly unblocking someone who may have felt stuck in their way of thinking for a long time.”
(Thomas Leonard, 2002. Laser coaching, Class #008.)

In this one session we will work on one specific issue or one challenge in which clients desire Biblical advisement and need the Counsel of the Lord.  We will focus on solving one specific problem, and it is designed to help you achieve one specific result.   These sessions are for those specific “in the moment” problems outside of the normal coaching contract. Clients who use this service are those who are looking for an immediate course of action, feel depleted overwhelmed, need clarity and prophetic insight as to what God may be doing in their lives now.  Clients who use this service believe they cannot afford to wait the traditional one, three, or 6 months to achieve a goal or to get breakthrough.

Prophetic Insight Advisement Session

                15 Minute Session

Prophetic Insight Advisement Session

                30 Minute Session

Prophetic Insight Advisement Sessions

60 Minute Session