The Gift of Prophecy Fundamental
Professional Enrichment Mini-Course

The Gift of Prophecy Fundamental Mini-Course

Gift of Prophecy 1 Mini-Class

This is three 90 Minute pre-recorded audio classes of the full course.  Student will discover what the nine Gifts of the Spirit are, acquire knowledge about the Office of the Prophet and develop a greater understanding of the Gift of Prophecy.

Gift of Prophecy 2 Mini-Class

This is three 90 Minute pre-recorded video classes of the full course. Student will learn about the power of a prophetic environment, how the prophetic gift develops, understand the fundamentals of the prophetic and discover what the Bible says about prophets in the Old and New Testament.

Prophetic Activation 101

This is three 90 Minute pre-recorded video classes of the full course. Student will delve into Prophetic Activation spiritual
exercises.  These exercises will trigger the student’s prophetic gifting, break stagnation, catapult them into
new spiritual levels and help them in every area of life and ministry.

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Who is This Mini-Course For?

Who is this Personal Enrichment Class for?
1. Students who have a strong desire to grow, learn, be mentored and advance in prophetic ministry.
2. Students who are in a “non-prophetic” ministry (i.e. Denomination or Church where there is no continuing Prophetic Advance Training Education Certificate Program)
3. Students who have no to little training in Prophetic Ministry
4. Students who desire “refresher” prophetic training and want to re-sharpen, re-learn and master advance prophetic skills.

Facebook Private Group

Students will be placed in a Private Facebook Group and receive their classes, instructions and mentoring assignments. Upon completion students will receive a Certificate of Completion

Homework – To successfully pass this mini-course, students must write a one-page paper per class (6) papers all together.  The paper will include of what they learned, how they were impacted and how this mini course relates to fulfilling their prophetic assignment.

In addition to our online classroom, we also offer an option to take part in group mentoring.


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January 2021 Class

Monday, January 11, 2021, 10am CST - Gift of Prophecy 1 (Class One) Monday, January 18, 2021, 10am CST - Gift of Prophecy 1 (Class Two) Monday, January 25, , 2021 , 10am CST - Gift of Prophecy 1 (Class Three)

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Classes Begin Monday, January 11, 2021 7:00pm CST.
- 10 Session Program.
- There will be 9 (9) classes.
- 3 classes meetings per month
- There will be (1) Group Mentoring Session every month (Registered Clients)
$50 Reserves Your Spot
- Payment Plans Available