In 2004, The Shamar Prophetic Unity Ministries was founded. This ministry published The Shamar Prophetic Unity Newsletter.  This newsletter was primarily an e-mailed based newsletter designed to educate, equip and train those called to the prophetic ministry. It was distributed nationwide and to several countries including Canada, South Africa, Israel, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, India, the Caribbeans and the Philippines.

After 2011, the Shamar Prophetic Unity Ministries went through reformation, reorganization and re-launched in 2015.  The name of the school was changed to Shamar School of the Prophets.


The Shamar School of the Prophets Online Program commenced in July 2016 and graduated their first class in November 2016.  The Shamar School of the Prophets Online Program commenced in December 2016 and graduated their second class in May 2017.  In alignment with the school’s global mission, On August 2, 2017, the Shamar School of the Prophets name was changed to The Shamar Global School of the Prophets.  


In September 2017, The Shamar Global Preparatory Academy On-Line program was launched.  This Academy prepared a diverse group of Shamar Preparatory candidates to succeed and lead at the Shamar Global School of the Prophets, in their prophetic call and endeavors.  The Preparatory Academy is specifically designed to transition students from a “non-prophetic, or no to little prophetic education” background and bridge them coupled with mentoring to an outstanding prophetic academic program at the Shamar Global School of the Prophets. 

In February 2018, the Academy graduated their first class.   In September 2018 to reflect the school’s quest for theological, scholastic and militaristic excellence, Shamar Global School of the Prophets was changed to Shamar Global University (SGU).