More Future Master Classes

Whycome you never told me you were a prophet?

In this class you will explore the many reasons and excuses new prophets use to not tell others they are prophets.

14 Crucial Choices for Prophets to Leave or stay in a non-prophetic local church

In this class you will examine seven choices prophets can make before leaving a church and understand seven reasons  prophets may choose to stay a member of a non- prophetic church,

Prophetic Etiquette and Pastoral Leadership in the Local Church

In this class you will discover how prophetic etiquette can advance the ministry of the prophet and bring success to the local church.

Church Culture and the Prophet

In this class you will gain an understanding of why prophets must understand the culture of their church to be successful and promote unity in the church

Pastor and Prophets Collaborations

In this class you will learn 25 ways to advance your prophetic ministry and collaborate with your pastors

Mentor 101

In this course you will learn who your mentors have been, who are the mentors God wants you to have and how to enter and exit a mentoring relationship.