About SGU

about sgu

Shamar Global University is a Christian on-line school dedicated to excellence in education, learning, research, militarism, prayer and theological training. Our endeavor is to provide students a solid foundation in prophetic ministry, prayer, and theology. 

 We are raising up strong successful professional prophetic thought-leaders, pioneers, watchmen and theologians who are called to be a “Kingdom Voice of Influence’” in all sectors of society.   SGU is a multi-cultural prophetic-apostolic equipping center. 

Our Mission

To educate, train and equip unconventional prophetic leaders of influence, watchmen and reformers who are driven by the Spirit of God. We are committed to the sustained forward presence of the Kingdom of God globally in all disciplines of society. 


"God not only wants prophets that are anointed, but also prophets that are proficient, polished and professional"

Prophetess Pam finklea