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This journal is for those who want to increase their boldness and confidence in prophesying. It is also for those who desire to become established as a prophet in their own church or denomination

Are You A Prophet Who
Loves Their Church and Denomination?

Unite The Prophets

Do you desire to see the prophets united in your church?

Do you desire to?

Equip, Empower and Educate Prophets in your Church and Denomination?

did you know, you are more than a prophet who just prophesies to people?

Prophets are Guards/Watchmen

Learn how to pray and spiritually guard your church and assigned territories. Battle, defeat and conquer your common enemies. Pray, and GET READY to experience an apostolic/prophetic move of God right where your are! Pray and experience the presence, power and visitation of God at a greater level!

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Before You Try to Prophesy (Beta) Master Class

Do you want to learn how to accurately hear the voice of God and prophesy? Sign up for this fundamental class to learn the how, when and where of true prophetic ministry.

12 Ways Prophets Can Flourish in Non-Prophetic Churches

Come and discover 12 ways Prophets can flourish in spite of the challenges inherit in denominations and dioceses.  


  • The purpose of this 5-Day Prophetic Reflection Journal is to help you write out your innermost thoughts concerning your prophetic journey. You will discover that more than just saying “thus saith the Lord, or I hear the Lord say” what your “true purpose” of being a prophet is really about.
  • It will help you to keep track of your prophetic ministry milestones, goals, and growth. This journal will bring to light what your next steps of advancement are as a prophet. Get ready to take your prophetic ministry to the next level!

Prophetic Success Coaching

Prophetic Success Coaching is a one-on-one relationship with the client that’s focused on life, leadership, prophetic ministry training and Holy Spirit transformation. Prophetic Success Coaching assists the client to achieving greater breakthroughs, break down negative limiting thought patterns and confront fears that may be stopping or holding them back.

Prophetic Success Coaching empowers and shifts the client's current paradigm to release them to pursue their prophetic purpose, fulfill divine destiny, become all God has gifted them to be and achieve the desire or changes they want to see in their own life.

Chancellor Pam King-Finklea


Praise the Lord!  Thank you for visiting us today! 

You are not on this website by accident.  God may be calling you to level up into this special forces operations prophetic team.  

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.


Prophets are Watchmen

I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me.  Hab 2:1

what does Shamar mean?

The word “Shamar” is the Hebrew word for watchman, to watch, to keep safe, to look, to guard, to protect,  preserve, to keep covenant, to honor and to worship.  The first time “shamar” is used in the  Bible is in Genesis 2:15 – And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Adam’s first job was not only to work and be God’s servant but also to secure the land from anti-covenant enemies.”

Prophets Are Watchmen

Eze 3:17, Eze 13:5, Jer 27:18, Math 24:43, Luke 2:37

Prophets are styled as watchmen, intercessors, soldiers, guards and sentinels.  Prophets are called to pray, watch, and stand guard in the broken places of the wall the enemy has shattered with assaults and attacks.   Prophets attack, drive or force back the enemy trying to break in.  Prophets through intercession demolish the enemy plans and restore peace to hostile situations. 

Shamar Your World

You are not where you are by accident.  You have been hand-picked by God.  Where ever you live, work or worship, God has assigned you there to Shamar your territory!  

"Shamar the World"

We are endeavoring to see a Global Awakening of Prophets and Prayer Warriors establishing the Kingdom of God in every sector of society (7 Mountain Mandate). In our "Shamar the World, Shamar Your World" concept we teach saints your profession can be your pulpit and your daily assignment as a marketplace minister.

Prophets Have a Metron

God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you. 2 Cor 10:13b

Measure in the Greek is Metron.  Metron is defined as a determined portion, limited rule or commission, standard or judgment. It is a sphere or realm of influence or territory of one’s authority. 
God gives prophets an assignment (work area).  You have been commissioned by God to an assigned territory with assigned people who will hear your assigned voice.  Are you in your metron today?


Pray God's Kingdom would rule and reign in every Government.


Pray God's Kingdom would rule and reign in every Business.


Pray God's Kingdom would rule and reign in every school and form of Education.


Pray God's Kingdom would rule and reign in every form of Entertainment


Pray God's Kingdom would rule and reign in all forms of Media


Pray God's Kingdom would rule and reign in every Family.


Pray God's Kingdom would rule and reign in every Church and false religion destroyed.

Shamar Global University (SGU)  is a Christian on-line school dedicated to excellence in education, learning, research, militarism, prayer and theological training. Our mission is to lay a solid foundation in prophetic ministry, prayer, and theology.  We are raising up strong successful professional prophetic thought-leaders, pioneers, watchmen and theologians who are.  Read More 

Master Classes

Prophetic Education
Master Classes

Are You a Pioneering Prophet?

Has God called you to pioneer a prophetic work in your church or denomination? Would you like to see the prophets in your church and denomination unite?

Baptist Prophets Unite!

Lutheran Prophets Unite!

Methodist Prophets Unite!

Episcopalian Prophets Unite!

Church of Christ Prophets Unite!

Your Church/Denomination Prophets Unite!

Pray for your church or denomination

There are prophets in every church, 1 Cor 12:28 – And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets.  Some do not know they are prophets, some don’t care and some are scared.

Pray for your denomination to organize a department that will bring all the prophets together for unity, teaching, training and equipping to help build the local, district, region and international ministry work and also fulfill the Great Commission.

Pray for Prophets to Unite Globally!

COGIC Prophets Unite

COGIC Prophets Unite is a (COGIC Exclusive Only) Support Group.  Our desire is to provide encouragement and fellowship for Adult Prophets and those who desire to learn more about the Prophetic Ministry within the Grand Ole Church of God in Christ!!!

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